Security guard services are only as reliable as the guard on duty. Our system protects any or all areas 24/7/365 at a fraction of the price of hiring a security guard.

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B.E.N.N.Y Indoor or Outdoor 360° Area Protection

B.E.N.N.Y is a self-contained site protection product that is designed to defend an area. The system captures and retains video from a 360° circumference around the tower. Choice Virtual Guard Service provides the ability to remotely monitor one or many units in a specific location. Once armed, detection is active using intelligent video analytics to detect humans and vehicles around the unit. Once trespassers are detected, users are notified with details of the detection along with snapshots and 10-sec video clips of the activity. To defend the location, high-intensity strobe lights start flashing accompanied by audio alerts.
B.E.N.N.Y is designed to provide autonomous indoor or outdoor security protection of an area. The system is semi-portable and can deploy in minutes. B.E.N.N.Y provides an easy way to secure an area with deterrents and video verification of events. In addition to security, B.E.N.N.Y is an excellent tool for construction companies allowing a 360° view of the work area for clients, customers, engineering, and for progress updates.

Private Alarm Contractor License #: C18891301 Issuer: State of Texas


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