Private Alarm Contractor License #: C18891301 Issuer: State of Texas

Security guard services are only as reliable as the guard on duty. Our system protects any or all areas 24/7/365 at a fraction of the price of hiring a security guard.

We pride ourselves on our ability to remain innovative. We maintain the latest in both security methods and technology, enabling us to deter any crime, keeping you ahead of the game.

Our System's are Always on Watch, Never Distracted, Never Asleep

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Construction companies leave heavy equipment and materials out in the open for potential vandalism, damage, and theft. Unfortunately, on-site security guards are limited ineffectiveness. They're expensive, can't monitor the entire site at once, and are limited by viewing angles and visibility. Only technology-assisted live video surveillance can monitor 100% of your job sites 100% of the time. That's where Choice Virtual Guard Service comes in.

Take a look at our features and services:

  • View Progress with Time-Lapse Technology
  • Solar Powered Mobile Surveillance Units
  • Advanced Movement Analytics
  • Loudspeaker Intervention
  • Detailed Incident Reporting
  • Access to Live Feed and Speakers
  • Watch Employees in Action
  • Reduced Security Cost